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NAME: Corona
COUNTRY: United States
TIMEZONE: America/Los_Angeles
LATITUDE: 33.8752900
LONGITUDE: -117.5664400
LOCAL TIME: 00:00:00 (20.Jun)



Type A - 120 V - 60 Hz
Type B - 120 V - 60 Hz


Corona Regional Medical Center Heliport(1km away)
Chapin Medical Pad Heliport(4km away)
Corona Municipal Airport(5km away)
Chino Airport(13km away)
Sce Palm Springs District Heliport(14km away)
Lake Mathews Airport(14km away)
Riverside Municipal Airport(15km away)
Flabob Airport(20km away)
Ontario International Airport(21km away)
City Hall Heliport(22km away)
Riverside Metro Center Heliport(22km away)
Sce Serrano Substation Heliport(22km away)
Kaiser Hospital Heliport(26km away)
Johnson Heliport(26km away)
R I An Anaheim Helistop G/L B/201 Heliport(27km away)
San Antonio Community Hospital Heliport(27km away)
Orange County Steel Salvage Heliport(27km away)
Boeing Anaheim B/250 Heliport(27km away)
El Toro Marine Corps Air Station(27km away)
Sce Saddleback Service Center Heliport(28km away)
Pomona Police Department Heliport(29km away)
Fontana Police Heliport(29km away)
Mc Conville Airstrip(29km away)
Cable Airport(29km away)
March ARB Airport(29km away)
Western Medical Center Santa Ana Heliport(29km away)
Choc Heliport(30km away)
Lyon Heliport(30km away)
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Heliport(30km away)
Brian Chuchua Jeep Heliport(30km away)
Honda of Santa Ana Heliport(30km away)
Broadcom Corporation Heliport(31km away)
First Interstate Bank Building Heliport(31km away)
North Net Fire Training Heliport(31km away)
Sce Southeastern Division Heliport(31km away)
Santa Ana Airport(31km away)
Uci Medical Center Heliport(32km away)
Baldwin Base Heliport(32km away)
Brackett Field(32km away)
Anaheim Police Heliport(32km away)
Castle Heliport(33km away)
Orange Co Sheriffs Forensics Lab Helistop(33km away)
Sce Eastern Division Heliport(33km away)
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center Heliport(33km away)
Northrop Anaheim Heliport(33km away)
Rialto Municipal Miro Field(33km away)
William Archibald Heliport(34km away)
Jamboree Center Helistop(34km away)
Loma Linda University Medical Center Heliport(34km away)
Opus Center Irvine Heliport(34km away)
Kcin Emergency Heliport(35km away)
Park Place Heliport(35km away)
University Medical Center Heliport(35km away)
Albalisa Dinner Playhouse Inc Heliport(35km away)
Perris Valley Airport(35km away)
The Atrium Heliport(36km away)
R.I. San Bernardino G/L Helistop(36km away)
South Coast Metro Center Heliport(36km away)
American Display Heliport(36km away)
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport(36km away)
Mission Hospital Helistop(37km away)
Skylark Field(37km away)
Mission Viejo Company Helistop(37km away)
G S A Laguna Niguel G/L Helistop(38km away)
L A County Sheriff's Department Heliport(38km away)
Recreation and Conference Center Heliport(38km away)
County Heliport(38km away)
L. A. Times Costa Mesa Heliport(39km away)
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Heliport(39km away)
Fullerton Municipal Airport(39km away)
Newport Beach Police Heliport(40km away)
City of Industry Civic Financial Center Heliport(40km away)
Costa Mesa Police Department Heliport(40km away)
San Bernardino County Medical Center Heliport(40km away)
San Bernardino International Airport(40km away)
Foothill Presbyterian Hospital Heliport(41km away)
Haddicks Heliport(41km away)
Sce San Jacinto Valley Service Center Heliport(42km away)
Huntington Beach Service Center Heliport(43km away)
Hoag Memorial Hospital Heliport(44km away)
Inland Valley Reg Med Ctr Heliport(44km away)
H.B.P.D. Heliport(45km away)
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital Heliport(46km away)
Civic Center Heliport(46km away)
Boeing Huntington Beach Heliport(46km away)
Redlands Municipal Airport(46km away)
Los Alamitos Army Air Field(46km away)
Tenaja Valley Airport(47km away)
Southeast Superior Court Heliport(47km away)
Norwalk Sheriff Station Heliport(47km away)
Area Energy Llc Heliport(48km away)
Wolfranch Heliport(48km away)
Boeing Seal Beach (Rooftop) Heliport(50km away)
Pines Airpark(50km away)
Rockwell Facility Heliport(50km away)
El Monte Airport(50km away)
Platform Emmy Heliport(51km away)
Boeing Seal Beach (Ground Level) Heliport(51km away)
Sce Rosemead Heliport(52km away)
Union Eva Heliport(52km away)
Wells Fargo-El Monte Heliport(52km away)
Robert D Cloud Heliport(52km away)
L A Co Sheriff Lakewood Heliport(53km away)
Va Medical Center Heliport(53km away)
French Valley Airport(53km away)
Hemet Ryan Airport(53km away)
Kilroy Ac8-Long Beach Heliport(55km away)
Long Beach /Daugherty Field/ Airport(55km away)
M H 15 Heaps Peak US Forest Service Heliport(56km away)
Sce Songs Mesa Heliport(56km away)
Commerce Business Park Heliport(57km away)
Mountains Community Hospital Heliport(57km away)
Sce San Onofre Heliport(57km away)
Lugo Substation Heliport(58km away)
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Heliport(58km away)
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Heliport(58km away)
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Heliport(58km away)
Hemet Valley Hospital Helistop(58km away)
St Mary Medical Center Heliport(59km away)
Santa Fe International Corp Heliport(59km away)
Sce Energy Control Center Heliport(59km away)
World Trade Center Heliport(60km away)
Naa Long Beach Port Helistop(60km away)
St Francis Medical Center Helistop(60km away)
Queen Mary Heliport(60km away)
Queensway Bay Heliport(60km away)
California Title Building Heliport(61km away)
Hesperia Airport(61km away)
Swepi Beta Platform Ellen Heliport(62km away)
Sfi-Vernon Heliport(62km away)
Lake Arrowhead Airport(62km away)
Billy Joe Airport(62km away)
Usc University Hospital Heliport(62km away)
Huntington Memorial Hospital Heliport(62km away)
Swepi Beta Platform Eureka Heliport(62km away)
Drew Medical Center Heliport(63km away)
Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center Heliport(63km away)
Compton Woodley Airport(63km away)
Transamerica Center Heliport(64km away)
L A Co Mens Detention Cntr-Main Jail Heliport(65km away)
Metropolitan Water District Heliport(65km away)
Super Bowl Heliport(65km away)
Jay Stephen Hooper Memorial Heliport(65km away)
Carson Sheriff Station Heliport(65km away)
Fallbrook Community Airpark(65km away)
Parker Center Heliport(66km away)
Lapd Hooper Heliport(66km away)
Terminal Annex Heliport(66km away)
Los Angeles Times-La Heliport(66km away)
City Hall Heliport(66km away)
Edward Roybal Federal Bldg Heliport(66km away)
Goodyear Blimp Base Airport(66km away)
Hotel New Otani Los Angeles Heliport(66km away)
Caltrans District 7 Heliport(66km away)
Mesa Heliport(67km away)
K & T 660 Figueroa Partners Heliport(67km away)
Department Of Water & Power Los Angeles Heliport(67km away)
Chase Plaza Heliport(67km away)
City National Bank Heliport(67km away)
Randy Champe-Gary Howe Memorial Heliport(67km away)
Bank of America Data Center Heliport(67km away)
Catalina Air-Sea Terminal Heliport(67km away)
City National Plaza Heliport(67km away)
California Mart Heliport(67km away)
Maguire-California Hospital Helipad(67km away)
Biltmore Hotel Heliport(67km away)
International Tower Heliport(67km away)
Camp 2 Heliport(67km away)
The Westin Bonaventure Hotel Heliport(67km away)
Banning Municipal Airport(67km away)
Camp Pendleton MCAS (Munn Field) Airport(67km away)
MCOLF Camp Pendleton (Red Beach) Airport(67km away)
Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport(68km away)
Sunset-Glendale Heliport(68km away)
Ports O'Call Heliport(68km away)
Wells Fargo-Cv Heliport(68km away)
Fib Administration & Operations Building Heliport(68km away)
Toyota Helistop(69km away)
Glendale Adventist Medical Center/Gamc Heliport(69km away)
St Vincent Professional Office Building Heliport(69km away)
Operating Engineers Pension Trust Bldg Heliport(70km away)
Glen Fed Heliport(71km away)
ABC-TV Heliport(71km away)
Ernst Field(71km away)
United Ca Bank Data Processing Ops Heliport(71km away)
Verdugo Hills Hospital Heliport(71km away)
Bank of America Glendale Heliport(71km away)
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Heliport(72km away)
Cosmodyne Heliport(72km away)
Glendale Plaza Emergency Heliport(72km away)
Crystal Airport(72km away)
Pomona Superior Court Heliport(72km away)
Sce High Desert District Heliport(72km away)
Queen of Angel-Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital Heliport(72km away)
Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal Airport(72km away)
Zamperini Field(72km away)
Dreamworks Helistop Glendale Heliport(74km away)
Brian Ranch Airport(74km away)
Wilshire Area Heliport(75km away)
Adelanto Airport(75km away)
Bear Valley Hospital Heliport(75km away)
J.H. Snyder Co. Iii Heliport(76km away)
Merle Norman Cosmetics Bldg 3 Heliport(76km away)
Trw Manhattan Beach Heliport(76km away)
Ipp Adelanto Heliport(76km away)
Kilroy Airport Center Heliport(76km away)
Oceanside Municipal Airport(76km away)
Pacific Bell-2300 Imperial Hwy Heliport(77km away)
Northrop Palos Verdes Heliport(77km away)
Victor Valley Community Hospital Heliport(77km away)
NBC-TV Heliport(77km away)
St Joseph Medical Center Heliport(77km away)
Airport Towers Nr 1 Heliport(77km away)
Airport Imperial Bldg Helistop(77km away)
Hughes/Space & Comm. Heliport(77km away)
Gray Butte Field(78km away)
Krey Field Airport(78km away)
Long Point Heliport(78km away)
Beverly Center Heliport(78km away)
Playa Vista 1 Heliport(79km away)
Playa Vista 2 Heliport(79km away)
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Heliport(79km away)
Big Bear City Airport(79km away)
Los Angeles International Airport(79km away)
Chevron Refinery Heliport(80km away)
St Mary Desert Valley Hospital Heliport(80km away)
Playa Vista 3 Heliport(80km away)
Hughes/Corporate Heliport(80km away)
Tri-City Hospital Heliport(81km away)
Camp 15 Heliport(81km away)
Blackinton Airport(82km away)
Lyall-Roberts Airport(82km away)
Rabbit Ranch Airport(82km away)
Lake Riverside Estates Airport(82km away)
Century City Heliport(82km away)
Pauma Valley Air Park(82km away)
Bob Hope Airport(82km away)
Raleigh Enterprises Heliport(83km away)
Engine Co Nr 108 Heliport(83km away)
The Wilshire Thayer Heliport(83km away)
Nichols Farms Airport(83km away)
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Heliport(83km away)
Southern California Logistics Airport(83km away)
Ward Ranch Airport(84km away)
Occidental Petroleum Heliport(84km away)
UCLA Emergency Medicine Department Heliport(84km away)
Osborne Airport(84km away)
Everest & Jennings Helistop Nr 1 Heliport(84km away)
El Mirage Field Adelanto Airport(84km away)
Westwood Gateway Heliport(84km away)
Westside Towers Heliport(84km away)
Santa Monica Municipal Airport(84km away)
Va Greater Los Angeles Health Care Center Heliport(85km away)
Hansen Airport(85km away)
Vincent Substation Heliport(85km away)
Apple Valley Airport(86km away)
Sherman Oaks Community Hospital Heliport(88km away)
Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport(88km away)
William E Poole Heliport(89km away)
Holiday Ranch Airport(89km away)
Van Nuys County Court Heliport(89km away)
Whiteman Airport(89km away)
Barton Heliport(89km away)
Engine Co Nr 109 Heliport(90km away)
Pat Coyle Memorial Heliport(91km away)
Hoag Heliport(91km away)
Devers Substation Heliport(92km away)
Camp 11 Heliport(92km away)
Pacoima Dam Heliport(92km away)
Pebbly Beach Seaplane Base(92km away)
Van Nuys Airport(93km away)
Holy Cross Medical Center Heliport(94km away)
Lake Wohlford Resort Airport(94km away)
Desert Regional Medical Center Heliport(95km away)
Catalina Airport(95km away)
Palisades Ranch Airport(96km away)
Dept. Of Water And Power Granada Hills Heliport(96km away)
Merle Norman Cosmetics (Sylmar) Heliport(96km away)
Olive View Medical Center Heliport(96km away)
Spears Heliport(97km away)
Los Angeles County Fire Station Nr 123 Heliport(97km away)
Northridge Hospital Heliport(97km away)
Palmdale Regional/USAF Plant 42 Airport(97km away)
Palm Springs International Airport(98km away)
Devonshire Area Heliport(99km away)
Sun Hill Ranch Airport(99km away)
Agua Dulce Airpark(99km away)


Riverside (US)(18km away)
Ontario (US)(23km away)
Rancho Cucamonga (US)(26km away)
Pomona (US)(27km away)
Fontana (US)(27km away)
Orange (US)(29km away)
Santa Ana (US)(32km away)
Moreno Valley (US)(32km away)
Anaheim (US)(33km away)
Irvine (US)(33km away)
Fullerton (US)(34km away)
Garden Grove (US)(37km away)
San Bernardino (US)(37km away)
West Covina (US)(41km away)
Costa Mesa (US)(42km away)
Huntington Beach (US)(47km away)
Norwalk (US)(48km away)
El Monte (US)(48km away)
Murrieta (US)(49km away)
Downey (US)(53km away)
Temecula (US)(58km away)
Long Beach (US)(59km away)
East Los Angeles (US)(59km away)
Pasadena (US)(62km away)
Los Angeles (US)(66km away)
Glendale (US)(71km away)
North Glendale (US)(72km away)
Torrance (US)(72km away)
Inglewood (US)(74km away)
Hollywood (US)(75km away)
Burbank (US)(77km away)
Oceanside (US)(78km away)
Victorville (US)(78km away)
Universal City (US)(79km away)
Carlsbad (US)(83km away)
Van Nuys (US)(89km away)
Palmdale (US)(94km away)
Escondido (US)(96km away)
Lancaster (US)(106km away)
Santa Clarita (US)(107km away)
Valencia (US)(115km away)
Simi Valley (US)(121km away)
Thousand Oaks (US)(122km away)
San Diego (US)(135km away)
Chula Vista (US)(145km away)
Oxnard (US)(153km away)
Oxnard Shores (US)(159km away)
Tijuana (MX)(162km away)
Bakersfield (US)(214km away)
Mexicali (MX)(238km away)
Ensenada (MX)(241km away)



Silver Dollar Pancake House (Breakfast)
92879, 710 E 6th St
Baker's Dozen Donuts - Deli & Delights (Donuts)
92882, 325 S Main St
Mantra Indian Cuisine (Indian)
92880, 480 N Main St
El Sol Mexican Restaurant (Mexican)
Yogurtland (Yogurt)
92879, 135 E. Ontario Avenue
Chronic Tacos (Tacos)
92879, 160 E Ontario Ave
GoodFellas Cafe (Café)
92882, 1090 Pomona Rd
Boondocks (Bar)
92879, 100 E Harrison St
The Hot Dog Shoppe (Hot Dogs)
92879, 510 Hidden Valley Pkwy
The Aquatic Zone - Indoor Swim Center (Pool)
92879, 1138 E 6th St
True Mediterranean Kitchen (Mediterranean)
92879, 469 Magnolia Ave
Eduardo's Mexican Restaurant (Mexican)
92882, 513 W 6th St
Rumi's Restaurant (Persian)
92880, 718 N Main St Ste 102
Cowboy Surfer Grill (American)
92879, 387 Magnolia Ave #106
Burger Basket (Fast Food)
92882, 1058 W 6th St
Corona Motorsports (Motorsports Shop)
92880, 363 American Cir
Taqueria 2 Potrillos (Mexican)
Sprouts Farmers Market (Grocery Store)
92882, 120 W Ontario Ave
Miguel's Jr (Mexican)
92882, 1570 W 6th St
Restoration Roasters (Café)
92881, 2331 Kellogg Ave


Montessori Academy of Corona
more information
Christian Heritage School
more information
Circle City Hospital
more information
Corona Municipal Airport
more information
Fairview School of Fine Arts
more information
Prado Reservoir
more information
Chino Creek
more information
Santa Ana Canyon
more information
Castle Park
more information
Kaiser Permanente Hospital Riverside
more information
Galleria at Tyler
more information
Lake Mathews
more information
Challen Hill
more information
Citrus State Historic State Park
more information






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40-Mile Air(IATA:Q5,ICAO:MLA)
Aloha Airlines(IATA:AQ,ICAO:AAH)
American Airlines(IATA:AA,ICAO:AAL)
Allegiant Air(IATA:G4,ICAO:AAY)
Alaska Central Express(IATA:KO,ICAO:AER)
Air Cargo Carriers(IATA:2Q,ICAO:SNC)
Airlift International(IATA:,ICAO:AIR)
America West Airlines(IATA:HP,ICAO:AWE)
Air Wisconsin(IATA:ZW,ICAO:AWI)
Allegheny Commuter Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:ALO)
Air Sunshine(IATA:,ICAO:RSI)
Atlantic Southeast Airlines(IATA:EV,ICAO:ASQ)
American Eagle Airlines(IATA:MQ,ICAO:EGF)
AirTran Airways(IATA:FL,ICAO:TRS)
Bemidji Airlines(IATA:CH,ICAO:BMJ)
Bering Air(IATA:8E,ICAO:BRG)
Chautauqua Airlines(IATA:RP,ICAO:CHQ)
Coastal Air(IATA:DQ,ICAO:)
Colgan Air(IATA:9L,ICAO:CJC)
Compass Airlines(IATA:CP,ICAO:CPZ)
Continental Airlines(IATA:CO,ICAO:COA)
Continental Express(IATA:CO,ICAO:)
Continental Micronesia(IATA:CS,ICAO:CMI)
Crown Airways(IATA:,ICAO:CRO)
Delta Air Lines(IATA:DL,ICAO:DAL)
Evergreen International Airlines(IATA:EZ,ICAO:EIA)
Express One International(IATA:EO,ICAO:LHN)
Florida West International Airways(IATA:RF,ICAO:FWL)
Freedom Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:FRL)
Frontier Airlines(IATA:F9,ICAO:FFT)
Frontier Flying Service(IATA:2F,ICAO:FTA)
GoJet Airlines(IATA:G7,ICAO:GJS)
Great Lakes Airlines(IATA:ZK,ICAO:GLA)
Gulfstream International Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:GFT)
Hageland Aviation Services(IATA:H6,ICAO:HAG)
Hawaiian Airlines(IATA:HA,ICAO:HAL)
Island Airlines(IATA:IS,ICAO:)
Jet Airways(IATA:QJ,ICAO:)
JetBlue Airways(IATA:B6,ICAO:JBU)
Kenmore Air(IATA:M5,ICAO:KEN)
Mesa Airlines(IATA:YV,ICAO:ASH)
Mesaba Airlines(IATA:XJ,ICAO:MES)
Midway Airlines(IATA:JI,ICAO:MDW)
Midwest Airlines(IATA:YX,ICAO:MEP)
New England Airlines(IATA:EJ,ICAO:NEA)
Northwest Airlines(IATA:NW,ICAO:NWA)
Omni Air International(IATA:OY,ICAO:OAE)
Pacific Island Aviation(IATA:,ICAO:PSA)
Pacific Wings(IATA:LW,ICAO:NMI)
Peninsula Airways(IATA:KS,ICAO:PEN)
Piedmont Airlines (1948-1989)(IATA:PI,ICAO:PDT)
Pinnacle Airlines(IATA:9E,ICAO:FLG)
Republic Airlines(IATA:RW,ICAO:RPA)
Ryan Air Services(IATA:,ICAO:RYA)
Ryan International Airlines(IATA:RD,ICAO:RYN)
Seaborne Airlines(IATA:BB,ICAO:SBS)
Scenic Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:SCE)
Sun Country Airlines(IATA:SY,ICAO:SCX)
Southeast Air(IATA:,ICAO:SEA)
Skagway Air Service(IATA:N5,ICAO:SGY)
Southwest Airlines(IATA:WN,ICAO:SWA)
Skywalk Airlines(IATA:AL,ICAO:SYX)
Spirit Airlines(IATA:NK,ICAO:NKS)
Southern Airways(IATA:,ICAO:SOU)
South Pacific Island Airways(IATA:,ICAO:SPI)
Shuttle America(IATA:S5,ICAO:TCF)
Trans States Airlines(IATA:AX,ICAO:LOF)
USA3000 Airlines(IATA:U5,ICAO:GWY)
United Airlines(IATA:UA,ICAO:UAL)
US Helicopter(IATA:,ICAO:USH)
United States Air Force(IATA:,ICAO:AIO)
US Helicopter Corporation(IATA:UH,ICAO:)
Virgin America(IATA:VX,ICAO:VRD)
Western Airlines(IATA:WA,ICAO:WAL)
World Airways(IATA:WO,ICAO:WOA)
Carnival Air Lines(IATA:KW,ICAO:)
Epic Holiday(IATA:FA,ICAO:4AA)
Air Choice One(IATA:3E,ICAO:)
SeaPort Airlines(IATA:K5,ICAO:SQH)
Salmon Air(IATA:S6,ICAO:)
Alaska Seaplane Service(IATA:J5,ICAO:)
Gryphon Airlines(IATA:6P,ICAO:)
U.S. Air(IATA:-+,ICAO:--+)
PanAm World Airways(IATA:WQ,ICAO:PQW)
Black Stallion Airways(IATA:BZ,ICAO:BSA)
Yellowstone Club Private Shuttle(IATA:Y1,ICAO:)
Trans Pas Air(IATA:T6,ICAO:TP6)
Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters(IATA:HI,ICAO:)
Usa Sky Cargo(IATA:E1,ICAO:ES2)
Era Alaska(IATA:7H,ICAO:ERR)
Hankook Air US(IATA:H1,ICAO:HA1)
Orbit Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:OBT)