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NAME: Brooklyn
COUNTRY: United States
TIMEZONE: America/New_York
POPULATION: 2.300.664
LATITUDE: 40.6501000
LONGITUDE: -73.9495800
LOCAL TIME: 22:16:09 (03.Mar)



Type A - 120 V - 60 Hz
Type B - 120 V - 60 Hz


Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay Seaplane Base(7km away)
NYPD Air Operations (Floyd Bennett Field) Heliport(7km away)
Downtown-Manhattan/Wall St Heliport(8km away)
Governor's Island Army Airfield(8km away)
Floyd Bennett Field(9km away)
One Police Plaza Heliport(9km away)
Paulus Hook Pier Heliport(10km away)
New York Skyports Inc Seaplane Base(10km away)
East 34th Street Heliport(11km away)
Liberty State Park Heliport(11km away)
Newport Helistop(11km away)
Liberty National Golf Club Heliport(12km away)
Naval Air Station Rockaway(12km away)
Caven Point Usar Center Heliport(12km away)
Bayonne Golf Club Heliport(13km away)
West 30th St. Heliport(13km away)
Mary Immaculate Hospital Heliport(14km away)
Staten Island University Hospital Heliport(14km away)
Lincoln Tunnel Heliport(15km away)
John F Kennedy International Airport(15km away)
Peninsula Hospital Center Heliport(16km away)
Astoria Heliport(16km away)
La Guardia Airport(16km away)
Kearny Helistop(16km away)
Rockaway Airport(16km away)
Miller Army Airfield(16km away)
Palisades General Hospital Heliport(17km away)
Edo Seaplane Base(17km away)
Chem-Fleur Helistop(17km away)
Helo Kearny Heliport(17km away)
Essex Generating Station Heliport(18km away)
Port Newark Helistop(18km away)
Flushing Airport(18km away)
Albert Guido Memorial Heliport(19km away)
Landmark Plaza Heliport(19km away)
Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center Heliport(19km away)
Newark/Jersey Street Heliport(20km away)
Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport(20km away)
Newark Liberty International Airport(20km away)
Staten Island Airport(20km away)
Kennedy Stadium Heliport(21km away)
Mbna Heliport(22km away)
Belmont Park Heliport(22km away)
American Cyanamid Linden Heliport(22km away)
St Benedict's Heliport(22km away)
Pfister Helistop(23km away)
Ridgefield Park Seaplane Base(23km away)
George Washington Bridge Heliport(23km away)
Univ of Medicine & Dentistry Rooftop Heliport(23km away)
Little Ferry Seaplane Base(24km away)
Hess Port Reading Heliport(25km away)
Passaic River Seaplane Base(25km away)
Evers Seaplane Base(25km away)
North Shore University Hospital Nr 2 Heliport(25km away)
Teterboro Airport(25km away)
Oval Park Heliport(25km away)
Bayway Refinery Heliport(25km away)
North Shore University Hospital Heliport(26km away)
Linden Airport(26km away)
Elmwood Park Heliport(26km away)
Martens Stadium Heliport(26km away)
Liberty Hall Heliport(26km away)
Highlands Seaplane Base(27km away)
Merck & County Heliport(27km away)
Graphic Scanning Corporation Heliport(27km away)
Creamer Heliport(27km away)
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc Heliport(27km away)
Penske 2 Heliport(28km away)
Hackensack Medical Center Heliport(28km away)
Soverel Park Heliport(28km away)
Seton Hall Heliport(28km away)
Winthrop University Hospital Heliport(28km away)
Werner Heliport(29km away)
Hess State Street Heliport(29km away)
Sands Point Seaplane Base(29km away)
State Police Bloomfield Heliport(29km away)
Hazlet Township Police Heliport(30km away)
Thomson Industries Inc Heliport(30km away)
Iff R & D Heliport(30km away)
Raven's Nest Heliport(31km away)
Roosevelt Field(31km away)
Print Pad Heliport(32km away)
Metropolitan Electric Heliport(32km away)
Middletown Township Police Heliport(32km away)
Hess Plaza Heliport(32km away)
NJ Hwy Auth-Admin Bldg Helispot(32km away)
Eab Plaza Heliport(32km away)
St Barnabas Medical Center Heliport(33km away)
Alexanders-Paramus Heliport(33km away)
Highlands Seaplane Base(33km away)
Freeport Heliport(33km away)
Lembo Heliport(33km away)
Getty Avenue Lot Heliport(34km away)
St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport(34km away)
Medical Center Heliport(35km away)
State Police Holmdel Helispot Heliport(35km away)
Alexanders-Menlo Park Heliport(35km away)
Lag's Landing Heliport(36km away)
New Jersey Steel Helistop(37km away)
Troop B Heliport(37km away)
Edison Heliport(37km away)
Hicksville Aviation Country Club(37km away)
Parlin East Heliport(38km away)
Merrill Glen Cove Heliport(38km away)
Newark Academy Heliport(38km away)
Westwood Heliport(38km away)
Essex County Airport(38km away)
Greely Helipad Heliport(38km away)
At&T Heliport(39km away)
Pio Costa Enterprises Heliport(39km away)
Hop Brook Farm Airport(39km away)
Lockheed Electronics Company, Inc. Heliport(40km away)
185 Monmouth Parkway Associates Helistop(40km away)
Edison Square Heliport(40km away)
Hercules Inc. Heliport(40km away)
Frigidaire Company Heliport(40km away)
Prudential/Florham Park Heliport(40km away)
Grumman Bethpage Airport(40km away)
Due Process Stables Heliport(41km away)
Cablevision Bethpage Heliport(41km away)
Garfield Heliport(41km away)
Nassau County Police Heliport(41km away)
Charles Wood Helipad Heliport(41km away)
Marlboro Airport(41km away)
Elmport Heliport(42km away)
Ibm Customer Executive Education Center Heliport(42km away)
Mosquito Commission Headquarters Heliport(42km away)
Enzon South Plainfield Heliport(42km away)
Ballymere Heliport(43km away)
Morristown Municipal Airport(43km away)
Hq 78th Division Heliport(43km away)
Ch 12 News Woodbury Heliport(43km away)
Jersey Tpke New Brunswick Helistop(44km away)
Jersey Turnpike Heliport(44km away)
Pio Costa Heliport(44km away)
Penske Heliport(45km away)
Wayne Office Helistop(45km away)
Colts Neck Police Heliport(45km away)
Rutger's Helistop Sec. A & B Heliport(46km away)
Chilton Memorial Hospital Heliport(46km away)
Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Heliport(46km away)
Lincoln Park Airport(46km away)
One Ten Heliport(46km away)
Colgate-Piscataway Heliport(47km away)
Rutgers Helistop Nr 1 Heliport(47km away)
Foley Machinery Heliport(47km away)
Cove Neck Heliport(47km away)
Morristown Memorial Hospital Heliport(47km away)
Zahn's Airport(47km away)
Republic Airport(47km away)
Windy's Heliport(48km away)
Skytop Farms Heliport(48km away)
Massaro Heliport(48km away)
Colgate-Palmolive/Mennen Heliport(48km away)
Nws Earle Heliport(48km away)
Wyeth Ayerst Heliport(48km away)
Scardo's Heliport(49km away)
Cherry Hill Heliport(49km away)
Triangle Heliport(49km away)
Rbh Heliport(49km away)
Old Bridge Airport(49km away)
Werner Private Airport(49km away)
New Brunswick Gas Distn Heliport(50km away)
Bergen County Police & Fire Academy Heliport(50km away)
Westchester Medical Center Heliport(50km away)
Asbury Park Neptune Air Terminal(50km away)
Jersey Shore Medical Center Heliport(50km away)
Hovtown Heliport(50km away)
Atrium At Somerset Heliport(50km away)
Philips Lighting County Heliport(51km away)
Westchester County Airport(51km away)
Huntington Emergency Helistop(52km away)
Raritan Center Heliport(52km away)
Webcraft Heliport(52km away)
Bound Brook Nr 1 Heliport(52km away)
At&T Helistop(52km away)
Safe Flight Instrument Corp. Heliport(52km away)
Manalapan Township-Village Green Heliport(53km away)
George Harms Const Heliport(53km away)
Society Hill At North Brunswick Heliport(53km away)
Hall's No 1 Heliport(53km away)
Bound Brook Nr 2 Heliport(53km away)
Ibm Mount Pleasant Heliport(53km away)
Weichert Headquarters Heliport(54km away)
Ibm King St Heliport(54km away)
Central Jersey Bank Heliport(54km away)
Ronson 287 Heliport(54km away)
International Crossroads Heliport(54km away)
Monmouth Executive Airport(54km away)
Wagstaff Heliport(55km away)
Cruz Farm Heliport(55km away)
National Starch and Chemical County Heliport(55km away)
Ciba-Geigy Heliport(55km away)
Centra State Medical Center Heliport(56km away)
Old Orchard Road Heliport(56km away)
Somerset Medical Center Heliport(56km away)
Mack Trucks Helistop(56km away)
New Jersey Bell Cdc 11 Heliport(56km away)
Deer Park Airport(56km away)
Mar Bar L Farms Airport(56km away)
Tli Heliport(56km away)
Canal Street Heliport(57km away)
Howell Township Police Heliport(57km away)
N U I Heliport(57km away)
Bridgewater Crossing Heliport(57km away)
Central Jersey Regional Airport(57km away)
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Heliport(58km away)
At&T Bedminster Heliport(58km away)
Dayton Heliport(58km away)
Westbrook Valley Airport(58km away)
New Jersey Turnpike Heliport(59km away)
Hill Top Airport(59km away)
Ekdahl Airport(59km away)
Cuddihy Landing Strip(59km away)
Entenmann's Heliport(60km away)
Picatinny Army Heliport(60km away)
Southdown Heliport(61km away)
Idylease Helistop(61km away)
Halka Heliport(61km away)
Somerset Airport(61km away)
Ge Management Development Institute Heliport(61km away)
Bowline Point Heliport(62km away)
Rca Sommerville Heliport(62km away)
Stonebridge Farm Helistop(63km away)
Wyeth-Ayerst Research Heliport(63km away)
Vamc Heliport(63km away)
Cyber Density Balloon Spot Balloonport(63km away)
Hamilton Farm Golf Club Heliport(63km away)
Dow Jones & Co. Inc. Heliport(63km away)
Haverstraw Heliport(63km away)
The Farm Heliport(63km away)
Liberty Cross Landing Heliport(63km away)
Greenwood Lake Airport(63km away)
South County Heliport(63km away)
Lamington House Heliport(64km away)
Peddie School Heliport(65km away)
Newbold Island Heliport(65km away)
St John's Episcopal Hospital Heliport(66km away)
Jet-Line Products Heliport(67km away)
Peters Airport(67km away)
Fiddlers Elbow Country Club Heliport(67km away)
Peekskill Seaplane Base(67km away)
50 Washington Street Heliport(67km away)
Firmenich Incorporated Heliport(67km away)
Princeton Airport(67km away)
Solberg Hunterdon Airport(67km away)
Sarnoff Princeton Heliport(68km away)
Norwalk Hospital Heliport(68km away)
Greenwood Lake Seaplane Base(68km away)
Computer Associates Heliport(68km away)
Transco Station Sosh Heliport(68km away)
Lakewood Airport(68km away)
Fla-Net Airport(69km away)
Osterman Heliport(69km away)
Garden State Balloonport(69km away)
Merck Whitehouse Station Heliport(69km away)
Holmansville Heliport(69km away)
Norden Systems Heliport(70km away)
Six Flags Great Adventure Heliport(70km away)
Westchester Resco Heliport(70km away)
Perl Acres Airport(70km away)
Carnegie Center Heliport(70km away)
Allen's Seaplane Base(70km away)
Harris Hill Heliport(70km away)
Merritt 7 Helistop(71km away)
Trade Zone Heliport(71km away)
Lance Airport(72km away)
Ussc Heliport(72km away)
East Farm Heliport(73km away)
American Cyanamid Helistop(74km away)
Educational Testing Heliport(74km away)
Pse & G Trenton Distribution Helistop(74km away)
Middle Sedge Island Heliport(74km away)
Long Island Mac Arthur Airport(74km away)
Trenton Robbinsville Airport(74km away)
Scheller Airport(75km away)
Health Sciences Center University Hospital Heliport(76km away)
Hillside Farm Heliport(76km away)
Herr Mountain Airport(76km away)
Wrnj Heliport(76km away)
Hudson Farm West Heliport(76km away)
Bayport Aerodrome(77km away)
Hackettstown Hospital Heliport(77km away)
Lakehurst NAES /Maxfield Field(77km away)
Warwick Municipal Airport(77km away)
Hackettstown Community Hospital Heliport(77km away)
Hamilton Headquarter Troop C Heliport(78km away)
The Ridge At Backbrook Heliport(78km away)
Colliers Mills Heliport(78km away)
Exxon Research & Engineering Co. Heliport(78km away)
Great Gorge Country Club Inc Heliport(78km away)
Congoleum Helistop(78km away)
O'Dwyer Airport(78km away)
Commerce Bank Heliport(78km away)
Aeroflex-Andover Airport(78km away)
Sliker Strip(78km away)
Ibm Sommers Heliport(78km away)
Trinca Airport(79km away)
Hunterdon Medical Center Heliport(79km away)
Hackettstown Airport(79km away)
Twin Pine Airport(79km away)
Newton Airport(80km away)
Lebanon Twnshp Mun Building Heliport(80km away)
Community Medical Center Helistop(80km away)
Hummel Seaplane Base(81km away)
Arneytown Veteran's Cemetary Heliport(81km away)
Teeny Weeny Acres Airport(81km away)
Orange Poultry Farm Airport(82km away)
White Willow Heliport(82km away)
Mather Heliport(82km away)
St Charles Hospital Heliport(82km away)
St Francis M C Helistop(83km away)
Clinton Elks Lodge Balloonport(83km away)
Mock Airport(83km away)
Newton Memorial Hospital Heliport(83km away)
Weidel/Private/ Airport(84km away)
Weiss Farm Airport(84km away)
Sussex Airport(84km away)
Doms Heliport(84km away)
High View Too Heliport(85km away)
Trenton Heliport(85km away)
Rolling Hills Airport(85km away)
Sikorsky Bridgeport Heliport(85km away)
Trenton Mercer Airport(85km away)
Big Island Airport(85km away)
Vliet Airport(86km away)
Tamarack Flyers Heliport(86km away)
Pio Costa Sand & Gravel Heliport(86km away)
General Electric Heliport(86km away)
Robert J. Miller Air Park(86km away)
John E. Rogers Airport(86km away)
Coach & Paddock Heliport(87km away)
Berkeley Township Police Heliport(87km away)
Mianecki Heliport(87km away)
Bradford Field(87km away)
Northwest Gas Division Elizabethtown Gas Heliport(87km away)
Air Tractor Heliport(88km away)
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital Heliport(88km away)
Medical Center Heliport(88km away)
Bower, Schman & Welch Heliport(88km away)
Sky Manor Airport(88km away)
The Landing Airport(88km away)
Goat Hill Airport(88km away)
Bastek Heliport(88km away)
Bridgeport Hospital Heliport(89km away)
Arden Hill Heliport(89km away)
Norman Kurrass Contractor Heliport(89km away)
Tgp-325 Heliport(89km away)
Ridge Heliport(90km away)
Oti Heliport(90km away)
Dow Chemical Heliport(90km away)
Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport(90km away)
Danbury Municipal Airport(90km away)
Mc Guire Air Force Base(90km away)
Heaton Heliport(91km away)
Parker Airport(91km away)
Alexandria Airport(91km away)
Mc Donoughs Heliport(91km away)
Malone Airport(91km away)
Warren County Public Safety Department(91km away)
Fly-N-D Landing Strip(92km away)
Darst Heliport(92km away)
Md1 Airport(93km away)
Westtown Airport(93km away)
Slate Hill Heliport(93km away)
Windward Farms Airport(93km away)
Forked River Heliport(93km away)
High Meadow Farms Airport(93km away)
View Finder Balloonport(93km away)
Mabel's Balloonport(93km away)
Brookhaven Airport(93km away)
Deborah Heart & Lung Center Heliport(93km away)
Delaware Valley Medical Center Heliport(94km away)
Redwing Airport(94km away)
Ransome STOLport(94km away)
Phillipsburg Landing Heliport(94km away)
Sugan Pond Heliport(94km away)
Randall Airport(95km away)
Danbury Hospital Heliport(95km away)
Jugtown Mountain Airport(95km away)
Aerequus Airport(95km away)
Chase Manhattan Bank of Ct Heliport(95km away)
Johnson Farms Airport(95km away)
Oyster Creek Generating Station Heliport(96km away)
St Luke'S Cornwall Hospital-Newburgh Heliport(96km away)
Sons Ii Heliport(96km away)
Monk Heliport(96km away)
Blairstown Airport(96km away)
Stewart International Airport(96km away)
Matthews Airport(96km away)
Eagles Lair Airport(96km away)
Herr Brothers Airport(96km away)
Erwinna Private Airport(96km away)
Brigham Heliport(97km away)
Erkes Airport(97km away)
St Mary Medical Center Heliport(97km away)
Merrill Creek Reservoir Heliport(97km away)
St Mary Hospital Heliport(97km away)
Pemberton Airport(98km away)
Hoge Farm Airport(98km away)
Flying Ridge Airstrip(98km away)
Itt Heliport(98km away)
Sikorsky Heliport(98km away)
Monesmith Airport(98km away)
Tintinhull Airport(98km away)
Buckingham Airport(98km away)
Ibm East Fishkill Heliport(99km away)
Stott Private Airport(99km away)
Vansant Airport(99km away)
Lewis Landing Airport(99km away)
Tinicum Farms Heliport(99km away)
Bristol Usar Center Heliport(100km away)
Air-List-Ads Airport(100km away)
Orange County Airport(100km away)
Ibm Fishkill Plant No. 2 Heliport(100km away)
Barnegat Light Helistop(100km away)


East New York (US)(6km away)
New York City (US)(9km away)
Jamaica (US)(13km away)
Jersey City (US)(14km away)
Manhattan (US)(15km away)
Staten Island (US)(19km away)
Newark (US)(22km away)
Elizabeth (US)(23km away)
Borough of Bronx (US)(24km away)
Yonkers (US)(32km away)
Paterson (US)(36km away)
Edison (US)(42km away)
Stamford (US)(57km away)
North Stamford (US)(65km away)
Bridgeport (US)(85km away)
New Haven (US)(113km away)
Waterbury (US)(126km away)
Philadelphia (US)(129km away)
Allentown (US)(131km away)
Hartford (US)(163km away)
Springfield (US)(198km away)
Providence (US)(250km away)
Worcester (US)(254km away)
Baltimore (US)(273km away)


Borough of Brooklyn, Broklino, Brooklyn, Brucclinu, Bruklin, Bruklina, Bruklinas, Comitatus Bruclinum, Kings County, beulukeullin, bru klin, brukalina, brwklyn, brwqlyn, bu lu ke lin qu, burukkurin qu, kinsa ka'unti, Бруклин, Бруклін, ברוקלין, بروكلين, بروکلین, ब्रुकलीन, ब्रूकलिन, কিংস কাউন্টি, ব্রুকলিন, บรุกลิน, ბრუკლინი, ブルックリン区, 布鲁克林区, 브루클린


Kings Theatre (Theater)
11226, 1025 Flatbush Ave
Nethermead (Field)
11218, Nethermead Arches
Der Pioneer (Bakery)
11218, 737 Church Ave
Prospect Park (Park)
11215, Prospect Park W/SW
Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Botanical Garden)
11225, 990 Washington Ave
Barboncino (Pizza)
11238, 781 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn Museum (Art Museum)
11238, 200 Eastern Pkwy
Long Meadow (Field)
11215, Prospect Park
The Bandshell / Celebrate Brooklyn! (Performing Arts)
11215, Prospect Park W
Silver Rice (Sushi)
11238, 638 Park Pl
Covenhoven (Beer Bar)
11238, 730 Classon Ave
Prospect Park Loop (Track)
11215, Grand Army Plaza
Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket (Farmer's Market)
11238, 1 Grand Army Plz
Gold Star Beer Counter (Bar)
11238, 176 Underhill Ave
Grand Army Plaza (Plaza)
11238, Flatbush Ave
Green-Wood Cemetery (Cemetery)
11232, 500 25th St
Ample Hills Creamery (Ice Cream)
11238, 623 Vanderbilt Ave
Bar Lunatico (Bar)
11233, 486 Halsey St
Fleishers Craft Butchery (Butcher)
11217, 192 5th Ave
Hops Hill (Bar)
11238, 886 Fulton St







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pdx departures - today's departures for PDX
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40-Mile Air(IATA:Q5,ICAO:MLA)
Aloha Airlines(IATA:AQ,ICAO:AAH)
American Airlines(IATA:AA,ICAO:AAL)
Allegiant Air(IATA:G4,ICAO:AAY)
Alaska Central Express(IATA:KO,ICAO:AER)
Air Cargo Carriers(IATA:2Q,ICAO:SNC)
Airlift International(IATA:,ICAO:AIR)
America West Airlines(IATA:HP,ICAO:AWE)
Air Wisconsin(IATA:ZW,ICAO:AWI)
Allegheny Commuter Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:ALO)
Air Sunshine(IATA:,ICAO:RSI)
Atlantic Southeast Airlines(IATA:EV,ICAO:ASQ)
American Eagle Airlines(IATA:MQ,ICAO:EGF)
AirTran Airways(IATA:FL,ICAO:TRS)
Bemidji Airlines(IATA:CH,ICAO:BMJ)
Bering Air(IATA:8E,ICAO:BRG)
Chautauqua Airlines(IATA:RP,ICAO:CHQ)
Coastal Air(IATA:DQ,ICAO:)
Colgan Air(IATA:9L,ICAO:CJC)
Compass Airlines(IATA:CP,ICAO:CPZ)
Continental Airlines(IATA:CO,ICAO:COA)
Continental Express(IATA:CO,ICAO:)
Continental Micronesia(IATA:CS,ICAO:CMI)
Crown Airways(IATA:,ICAO:CRO)
Delta Air Lines(IATA:DL,ICAO:DAL)
Evergreen International Airlines(IATA:EZ,ICAO:EIA)
Express One International(IATA:EO,ICAO:LHN)
Florida West International Airways(IATA:RF,ICAO:FWL)
Freedom Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:FRL)
Frontier Airlines(IATA:F9,ICAO:FFT)
Frontier Flying Service(IATA:2F,ICAO:FTA)
GoJet Airlines(IATA:G7,ICAO:GJS)
Great Lakes Airlines(IATA:ZK,ICAO:GLA)
Gulfstream International Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:GFT)
Hageland Aviation Services(IATA:H6,ICAO:HAG)
Hawaiian Airlines(IATA:HA,ICAO:HAL)
Island Airlines(IATA:IS,ICAO:)
Jet Airways(IATA:QJ,ICAO:)
JetBlue Airways(IATA:B6,ICAO:JBU)
Kenmore Air(IATA:M5,ICAO:KEN)
Mesa Airlines(IATA:YV,ICAO:ASH)
Mesaba Airlines(IATA:XJ,ICAO:MES)
Midway Airlines(IATA:JI,ICAO:MDW)
Midwest Airlines(IATA:YX,ICAO:MEP)
New England Airlines(IATA:EJ,ICAO:NEA)
Northwest Airlines(IATA:NW,ICAO:NWA)
Omni Air International(IATA:OY,ICAO:OAE)
Pacific Island Aviation(IATA:,ICAO:PSA)
Pacific Wings(IATA:LW,ICAO:NMI)
Peninsula Airways(IATA:KS,ICAO:PEN)
Piedmont Airlines (1948-1989)(IATA:PI,ICAO:PDT)
Pinnacle Airlines(IATA:9E,ICAO:FLG)
Republic Airlines(IATA:RW,ICAO:RPA)
Ryan Air Services(IATA:,ICAO:RYA)
Ryan International Airlines(IATA:RD,ICAO:RYN)
Seaborne Airlines(IATA:BB,ICAO:SBS)
Scenic Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:SCE)
Sun Country Airlines(IATA:SY,ICAO:SCX)
Southeast Air(IATA:,ICAO:SEA)
Skagway Air Service(IATA:N5,ICAO:SGY)
Southwest Airlines(IATA:WN,ICAO:SWA)
Skywalk Airlines(IATA:AL,ICAO:SYX)
Spirit Airlines(IATA:NK,ICAO:NKS)
Southern Airways(IATA:,ICAO:SOU)
South Pacific Island Airways(IATA:,ICAO:SPI)
Shuttle America(IATA:S5,ICAO:TCF)
Trans States Airlines(IATA:AX,ICAO:LOF)
USA3000 Airlines(IATA:U5,ICAO:GWY)
United Airlines(IATA:UA,ICAO:UAL)
US Helicopter(IATA:,ICAO:USH)
United States Air Force(IATA:,ICAO:AIO)
US Helicopter Corporation(IATA:UH,ICAO:)
Virgin America(IATA:VX,ICAO:VRD)
Western Airlines(IATA:WA,ICAO:WAL)
World Airways(IATA:WO,ICAO:WOA)
Carnival Air Lines(IATA:KW,ICAO:)
Epic Holiday(IATA:FA,ICAO:4AA)
Air Choice One(IATA:3E,ICAO:)
SeaPort Airlines(IATA:K5,ICAO:SQH)
Salmon Air(IATA:S6,ICAO:)
Alaska Seaplane Service(IATA:J5,ICAO:)
Gryphon Airlines(IATA:6P,ICAO:)
U.S. Air(IATA:-+,ICAO:--+)
PanAm World Airways(IATA:WQ,ICAO:PQW)
Black Stallion Airways(IATA:BZ,ICAO:BSA)
Yellowstone Club Private Shuttle(IATA:Y1,ICAO:)
Trans Pas Air(IATA:T6,ICAO:TP6)
Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters(IATA:HI,ICAO:)
Usa Sky Cargo(IATA:E1,ICAO:ES2)
Era Alaska(IATA:7H,ICAO:ERR)
Hankook Air US(IATA:H1,ICAO:HA1)
Orbit Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:OBT)