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NAME: Baltimore
COUNTRY: United States
TIMEZONE: America/New_York
LATITUDE: 39.2903800
LONGITUDE: -76.6121900
LOCAL TIME: 03:29:20 (20.Jun)



Type A - 120 V - 60 Hz
Type B - 120 V - 60 Hz


Baltimore Police Department Heliport(1km away)
The Johns Hopkins Hospital Heliport(2km away)
Marriott Parking Garage "Rooftop" Heliport(2km away)
University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center Heliport(2km away)
Union Memorial Hospital Heliport(5km away)
Pier 7 Heliport(5km away)
Pier 7 Heliport(5km away)
Bayview Heliport(6km away)
St. Agnes Health Care Heliport(6km away)
Montebello Filtration Plant Heliport(6km away)
Security Ford Heliport(8km away)
Sinai Hospital Heliport(9km away)
Sinai Ii Heliport(9km away)
St Joseph Hospital Heliport(11km away)
Maritime Institute Heliport(11km away)
Black & Decker/Parking Lot 2 Heliport(13km away)
Franklin Square Hospital Center Heliport(14km away)
Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshal Airport(14km away)
Green Terrace Heliport(16km away)
Brooklandville Heliport(16km away)
Essex Skypark Airport(16km away)
Northwest Hospital Heliport(17km away)
Berg's Field(17km away)
Baltimore Washington Medical Center Heliport(18km away)
Martin State Airport(18km away)
Tar Cove Heliport(19km away)
Aerospace Tech Center Heliport(20km away)
Aai Heliport(21km away)
Mountain Road Airport(22km away)
Phh Heliport(23km away)
Albrecht Airstrip(23km away)
St John Airport(25km away)
Howard County General Hospital Heliport(26km away)
Tipton Airport(27km away)
Tinsley Airstrip(28km away)
Weide Ahp (Aberdeen Proving Ground) Heliport(30km away)
Fallston General Hospital Heliport(30km away)
Haysfield Airport(30km away)
Mrs Bozman Heliport(30km away)
Fallston Airport(30km away)
Hoby Wolf Airport(31km away)
Clements Creek Seaplane Base(31km away)
Suburban Airport(31km away)
Reservoir Airport(32km away)
Greater Laurel Beltsville Hospital Heliport(33km away)
Citizens Bank Headquarters Heliport(34km away)
Glenair Airport(34km away)
Anne Arundel Medical Center Heliport(35km away)
Fairview Airport(35km away)
Annapolis Seaplane Base(36km away)
Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Heliport(36km away)
Breezecroft Airport(36km away)
Breezecroft Seaplane Base(36km away)
Beltsville Shop Heliport(36km away)
Pond View Private Airport(37km away)
Suzie Field(37km away)
Lee Airport(39km away)
Forest Hill Airport(39km away)
Clearview Airpark(40km away)
Rite Aid Distribution Center Heliport(40km away)
Montgomery County Police Norwood Heliport(40km away)
Woodbine Airport(41km away)
Waredaca Farm Airport(42km away)
Barnes Airport(42km away)
Dow Jones & Co. Inc. Heliport(42km away)
Freeway Airport(42km away)
Phillips Army Air Field(43km away)
South River Seaplane Base(43km away)
Bay Bridge Airport(43km away)
Walters Airport(44km away)
Federal Support Center Heliport(44km away)
College Park Airport(44km away)
Metroplex Heliport(45km away)
Smith Field(45km away)
Carroll Hospital Center Heliport(45km away)
Harris Airport(46km away)
Nuodex Inc. Heliport(46km away)
Kentmorr Airpark(47km away)
Harford County Airport(47km away)
Davis Airstrip(47km away)
Moxley's Airport(48km away)
Washington Adventist Hospital Heliport(48km away)
Wright Field(48km away)
Kent & Queen Anne's Hospital Heliport(48km away)
Silver Hill Airport(48km away)
Prince George's Hospital Center Heliport(49km away)
Ashland Landing Farm Airport(49km away)
Walter Reed Forest Glen Heliport(50km away)
Walter Reed Emergency Heliport(50km away)
Carroll County Regional Jack B Poage Field(50km away)
Montgomery County Airpark(50km away)
Happy Landings Farm Airport(50km away)
Marsteller Airport(50km away)
Baugher's Orchard Airport(52km away)
Draco STOLport(52km away)
Gregory May Heliport(52km away)
Hybarc Farm Airport(52km away)
Kennersley Airport(52km away)
Cromwell Farm Airport(52km away)
Kent Fort Manor Airport(53km away)
MPD 5th Metropolitan Police Department Heliport(53km away)
National Naval Medical Center Heliport(53km away)
Krastel Farms Airport(54km away)
Suburban Heliport(54km away)
WHC Heliport(54km away)
Children's Hospital Heliport(54km away)
Three J Airport(54km away)
Saxon Farms Airport(54km away)
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Heliport(55km away)
Metropolitan Complex Heliport(55km away)
Havre De Grace Seaplane Base(55km away)
Ibm Heliport(55km away)
Good Neighbor Farm Airport(55km away)
Fortman Heliport(56km away)
National Presbyterian Church Heliport(56km away)
Steuart Office Pad Heliport(56km away)
Metropolitan Police Department 3rd District Heliport(56km away)
Church Hill Airport(56km away)
Shoestring Aviation Airfield(57km away)
Washington Post Heliport(57km away)
MPD 2nd Metropolitan Police Department Heliport(57km away)
Deale Airport(57km away)
South Capitol Street Heliport(58km away)
Harrison Farm Airport(58km away)
Us Park Police Eagle's Nest Heliport(58km away)
Andrews Air Force Base(58km away)
Pembroke Farm Airport(59km away)
Spirit of Washington Heliport(59km away)
Georgetown Univ Hosp Helistop(59km away)
Sibley Memorial Hospital Heliport(59km away)
Greer Airport(59km away)
Hagan Heliport(60km away)
Cia Headquarters Heliport(60km away)
Stolcrest STOLport(60km away)
The Aspen Institute Heliport(61km away)
Mayberry Run Airport(61km away)
Bolling Air Force Base(61km away)
Pentagon Army Heliport(61km away)
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport(62km away)
Stewart Airport(62km away)
Flying Acres Airport(62km away)
Hexton Farms Airport(62km away)
Burhans Memorial Airport(63km away)
Spring Landing Airport(63km away)
Flying M Farms Airport(63km away)
Fly Away Farm Airport(64km away)
Ijamsville Airport(64km away)
Nat'l Hosp For Orthopaedics/Rehabilitation Heliport(64km away)
Baublitz Commercial Airport(64km away)
Evapco Heliport(64km away)
Roseland Airport(65km away)
Southern Md Hospital Center Heliport(65km away)
Keymar Airpark(65km away)
Kingsdale Air Park(65km away)
Hanover Hospital Heliport(66km away)
Farmington Airport(66km away)
Hanover Airport(67km away)
Tilghman Whipp Airport(67km away)
Washington Executive Hyde Field(67km away)
Whalen Field(68km away)
Muddy Run Heliport(68km away)
Inova Alexandria Hospital Heliport(68km away)
Frederick Municipal Airport(68km away)
Lynch's Landing Airport(68km away)
Grimes Properties Heliport(68km away)
Potomac Airfield(68km away)
Little Britain Airport(69km away)
High Valley Airport(70km away)
Schlosser Airport(70km away)
Bridgeton Heliport(70km away)
Meadow Brook Airport(70km away)
Massey Aerodrome(70km away)
Bell Airport(70km away)
Frederick Memorial Hospital Heliport(71km away)
Fort Washington Medical Center Heliport(71km away)
Crippen's Heliport(71km away)
Taylor Field(72km away)
Inova Fairfax Hospital Heliport(72km away)
Cecil County Airport(72km away)
Easton Newnam Field(72km away)
Fort Detrick Helipad Heliport(72km away)
Chesapeake City Heliport(73km away)
Raintree Seaplane Base(73km away)
Waltz Airport(73km away)
Marble Head Farm Airport(73km away)
D'Angelo Airport(73km away)
Gilbert Airport(73km away)
Roubin & Janeiro Inc Heliport(73km away)
Woodstock Airport(73km away)
Herbst Heliport(74km away)
Kingstowne Heliport(74km away)
York Hospital Alternate Heliport(74km away)
Knollwood Farm Airport(74km away)
York Hospital Heliport(74km away)
Ridgely Airpark(74km away)
York Airport(74km away)
Carmean Airport(74km away)
Mount Vernon Hospital Heliport(74km away)
Reston Hospital Center Heliport(75km away)
Nat'l Emergency Training Ctr Heliport(75km away)
Memorial Hospital Heliport(75km away)
Gary Field(75km away)
Memorial Hospital Heliport(76km away)
Catoctin Crosswind Airport(76km away)
Cohen Airport(76km away)
Duffy's Airport(76km away)
Spirit Airpark(76km away)
Ewing Airport(76km away)
Full Throttle Farm Airport(77km away)
Ybp Heliport(77km away)
D.Evans Farm Airport(77km away)
Mc Crory Stores Heliport(78km away)
7th Division State Police Headquarters Heliport(78km away)
Lamberson Airport(78km away)
Caterpillar Pbp Heliport(78km away)
Southern Adams County Heliport(78km away)
Battlefield Heliport(78km away)
Captain's Folly Airport(78km away)
Morris Heliport(78km away)
Ramada Inn-Gettysburg Heliport(78km away)
Hideaway Ultralightport(79km away)
Mckeown Airport(79km away)
Loudoun Hospital Center Heliport(79km away)
Cloudbound Airport(79km away)
Level Acres Farm Airport(79km away)
Helicopter Applicators Inc Heliport(80km away)
Siple Heliport(80km away)
Dileo Field(80km away)
Schulteis Field(80km away)
Our Domain Airport(80km away)
Spiering Airport(80km away)
The Gettysburg Hospital Heliport(80km away)
Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Heliport(81km away)
Flying C Airport(81km away)
Davison Army Air Field(81km away)
Summit Airport(81km away)
Circle W Airfield(81km away)
Calvert Memorial Hospital Heliport(82km away)
Fairfax County Police Heliport(82km away)
Karlindo Airport(82km away)
Okolona Plantation Airport(82km away)
Chalk Point Generating Station Heliport(82km away)
Browns Heliport(82km away)
Mid Atlantic Soaring Center Airport(82km away)
York Electro-Panel Psnl Use Heliport(83km away)
Manor Knoll Personal Use Airport(83km away)
Mc Ginness Airport(83km away)
Baney's Airport(83km away)
Manor Landing Airport(83km away)
Townsend A Airport(83km away)
Washington Dulles International Airport(83km away)
Harris Airport(84km away)
Marsh Creek Airport(84km away)
Scotty's Place Airport(84km away)
Gettysburg Regional Airport(84km away)
Ben's Landing Ultralightport(84km away)
Lazy B Ranch Airport(84km away)
Pokety Airport(85km away)
Leesburg Executive Airport(85km away)
Jennersville Regional Hospital Heliport(86km away)
Big Oak Farm Airport(86km away)
Market Garden Airport(86km away)
Robinson Private Airport(86km away)
Commonwealth Security Systems Heliport(86km away)
Bowtie Airport(86km away)
Wgal-Tv Heliport(87km away)
Maryland Airport(87km away)
Rossneck Airport(87km away)
Mike's Heliport(87km away)
Bermudian Valley Airpark(88km away)
Harp Airport(88km away)
Delaware Airpark(88km away)
Thomson Heliport(89km away)
Mathna Airport(89km away)
Smyrna Airport(89km away)
Lancaster General Hospital Heliport(89km away)
Lgh-Women and Babies Hospital Heliport(89km away)
Del-Mar Ford Heliport(89km away)
Horn Point Airport(89km away)
Ragged Island Airport(89km away)
Fort Ritchie Heliport(89km away)
Superior Tours Heliport(89km away)
Centreville Airport(89km away)
Kampel Airport(90km away)
Sandy Point Airport(90km away)
Shreveport North Airport(90km away)
Glascock Airport(90km away)
Eagle Run Heliport(90km away)
Newberg Airport(90km away)
Donegal Springs Airpark(90km away)
Burle-Lancaster Heliport(90km away)
Scott Airpark(90km away)
Jenkins Airport(91km away)
Civista Medical Center Heliport(91km away)
Smoketown Airport(91km away)
The Grass Patch Airport(91km away)
Strawbridge Christiana Mall Heliport(92km away)
Smith Airport(92km away)
Spooky Nook Heliport(93km away)
Schulteis Airport(93km away)
Goose Hunt Farm Airport(93km away)
Magennis Farm Airport(93km away)
Christina Hospital Heliport(93km away)
Belfair Airport(93km away)
Dorchester General Hospital Heliport(93km away)
Potomac Hospital Helistop(94km away)
Bittner-Whitsel Airport(94km away)
G W Farm Airport(94km away)
Delaware State Police Heliport(94km away)
New Garden Airport(94km away)
Bittner/Whitsel Airport(94km away)
Slater Field(95km away)
Laura's Landing Airport(95km away)
Doyle's Airport(95km away)
Dover Downs Helistop(95km away)
Ty-Ti-To Airport(95km away)
Prince William Hospital Heliport(96km away)
Coatesville Heliport(96km away)
Edelen Field(96km away)
Three Mile Island Heliport(96km away)
Deldot Helistop(97km away)
Whittle Airport(97km away)
New Castle Airport(97km away)
Lancaster Airport(97km away)
Chandelle Estates Airport(98km away)
Krens Farm Airport(98km away)
Ibm Building 250 Heliport(98km away)
Ibm Building 110 Heliport(98km away)
Elliott Heliport(98km away)
Cambridge Dorchester Airport(98km away)
Finagin Airfield(98km away)
Henderson Aviation Airport(99km away)
Vogelsong Airport(99km away)
Keystone Heliplex Heliport(99km away)
Hidden Hills Airport(100km away)
Warner-Lambert Heliport(100km away)
Metzler Airport(100km away)
Johnsons Airport(100km away)
Chorman Airport(100km away)
Chester County G O Carlson Airport(100km away)
Lanseair Farms Airport(100km away)


Washington, D. C. (US)(58km away)
Arlington (US)(63km away)
Alexandria (US)(66km away)
Philadelphia (US)(145km away)
Allentown (US)(175km away)
Richmond (US)(207km away)
Edison (US)(233km away)
East Hampton (US)(252km away)
Hampton (US)(253km away)
Staten Island (US)(254km away)
Elizabeth (US)(256km away)
Newport News (US)(258km away)
Newark (US)(263km away)
Jersey City (US)(269km away)
New York City (US)(273km away)
Brooklyn (US)(273km away)
Norfolk (US)(274km away)
Paterson (US)(276km away)
Virginia Beach (US)(277km away)
Chesapeake (US)(277km away)
East New York (US)(279km away)
Manhattan (US)(280km away)
Jamaica (US)(286km away)
Borough of Bronx (US)(291km away)
Yonkers (US)(295km away)


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Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar (Farmer's Market)
21202, at E Saratoga St. & Holliday St.
Center Club (Lounge)
21202, 100 Light St
Sotto Sopra (Italian)
21201, 405 N Charles St
Inner Harbor (Neighborhood)
USS Constellation (Boat / Ferry)
21202, 301 E Pratt St
Barnes & Noble (Bookstore)
21202, 601 E Pratt St
National Aquarium (Aquarium)
21202, 501 E Pratt St
Larry Flynt's Hustler Club (Strip Club)
21202, 409 E Baltimore St
Puerto 511 (Peruvian)
21201, 102 Clay St
Ceremony Coffee Roasters (Coffee Shop)
21201, 520 Park Ave
Walters Art Museum (Art Museum)
21201, 600 N Charles St
The Quinntessential Gentleman (Salon / Barbershop)
21202, 31 S Calvert St
Center Stage (Theater)
21202, 700 N Calvert St
Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baseball)
21201, 333 W Camden St
Fogo de Chão (Churrascaria)
21202, 600 E Pratt St #102
Cazbar (Middle Eastern)
21201, 316 N Charles St
Mt. Vernon Marketplace (Food Court)
21201, 520 Park Ave
Mount Vernon Place (Park)
21201, Mt Vernon Pl & Washington Pl
Attman's Authentic New York Delicatessen (Deli / Bodega)
21202, 1019 E Lombard St
Federal Hill Park (Park)
21230, 300 Warren Avenue


Business and Government Historic District
more information
Baltimore City Hall
more information
Mechanic Theater
more information
Mercy Medical Center
more information
Hutzler Brothers Palace Building
more information
St. Vincent de Paul Church
more information
Port Discovery
more information
Gay Street Historic District
more information
Stewart's Department Store
more information
St Alphonsus Church & Shrine
more information
Edgewater Village Shopping Center
more information
Baltimore Maritime Museum
more information
Ford's Grand Opera House
more information
Harborplace Mall
more information






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aa 1241 - flight status for AA 1241 departing today
pdx departures - today's departures for PDX
pdx arrivals - today's arrivals for PDX
pdx to lax - flights departing PDX today headed for LAX
pdx - lax - flights departing PDX today headed for LAX



40-Mile Air(IATA:Q5,ICAO:MLA)
Aloha Airlines(IATA:AQ,ICAO:AAH)
American Airlines(IATA:AA,ICAO:AAL)
Allegiant Air(IATA:G4,ICAO:AAY)
Alaska Central Express(IATA:KO,ICAO:AER)
Air Cargo Carriers(IATA:2Q,ICAO:SNC)
Airlift International(IATA:,ICAO:AIR)
America West Airlines(IATA:HP,ICAO:AWE)
Air Wisconsin(IATA:ZW,ICAO:AWI)
Allegheny Commuter Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:ALO)
Air Sunshine(IATA:,ICAO:RSI)
Atlantic Southeast Airlines(IATA:EV,ICAO:ASQ)
American Eagle Airlines(IATA:MQ,ICAO:EGF)
AirTran Airways(IATA:FL,ICAO:TRS)
Bemidji Airlines(IATA:CH,ICAO:BMJ)
Bering Air(IATA:8E,ICAO:BRG)
Chautauqua Airlines(IATA:RP,ICAO:CHQ)
Coastal Air(IATA:DQ,ICAO:)
Colgan Air(IATA:9L,ICAO:CJC)
Compass Airlines(IATA:CP,ICAO:CPZ)
Continental Airlines(IATA:CO,ICAO:COA)
Continental Express(IATA:CO,ICAO:)
Continental Micronesia(IATA:CS,ICAO:CMI)
Crown Airways(IATA:,ICAO:CRO)
Delta Air Lines(IATA:DL,ICAO:DAL)
Evergreen International Airlines(IATA:EZ,ICAO:EIA)
Express One International(IATA:EO,ICAO:LHN)
Florida West International Airways(IATA:RF,ICAO:FWL)
Freedom Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:FRL)
Frontier Airlines(IATA:F9,ICAO:FFT)
Frontier Flying Service(IATA:2F,ICAO:FTA)
GoJet Airlines(IATA:G7,ICAO:GJS)
Great Lakes Airlines(IATA:ZK,ICAO:GLA)
Gulfstream International Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:GFT)
Hageland Aviation Services(IATA:H6,ICAO:HAG)
Hawaiian Airlines(IATA:HA,ICAO:HAL)
Island Airlines(IATA:IS,ICAO:)
Jet Airways(IATA:QJ,ICAO:)
JetBlue Airways(IATA:B6,ICAO:JBU)
Kenmore Air(IATA:M5,ICAO:KEN)
Mesa Airlines(IATA:YV,ICAO:ASH)
Mesaba Airlines(IATA:XJ,ICAO:MES)
Midway Airlines(IATA:JI,ICAO:MDW)
Midwest Airlines(IATA:YX,ICAO:MEP)
New England Airlines(IATA:EJ,ICAO:NEA)
Northwest Airlines(IATA:NW,ICAO:NWA)
Omni Air International(IATA:OY,ICAO:OAE)
Pacific Island Aviation(IATA:,ICAO:PSA)
Pacific Wings(IATA:LW,ICAO:NMI)
Peninsula Airways(IATA:KS,ICAO:PEN)
Piedmont Airlines (1948-1989)(IATA:PI,ICAO:PDT)
Pinnacle Airlines(IATA:9E,ICAO:FLG)
Republic Airlines(IATA:RW,ICAO:RPA)
Ryan Air Services(IATA:,ICAO:RYA)
Ryan International Airlines(IATA:RD,ICAO:RYN)
Seaborne Airlines(IATA:BB,ICAO:SBS)
Scenic Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:SCE)
Sun Country Airlines(IATA:SY,ICAO:SCX)
Southeast Air(IATA:,ICAO:SEA)
Skagway Air Service(IATA:N5,ICAO:SGY)
Southwest Airlines(IATA:WN,ICAO:SWA)
Skywalk Airlines(IATA:AL,ICAO:SYX)
Spirit Airlines(IATA:NK,ICAO:NKS)
Southern Airways(IATA:,ICAO:SOU)
South Pacific Island Airways(IATA:,ICAO:SPI)
Shuttle America(IATA:S5,ICAO:TCF)
Trans States Airlines(IATA:AX,ICAO:LOF)
USA3000 Airlines(IATA:U5,ICAO:GWY)
United Airlines(IATA:UA,ICAO:UAL)
US Helicopter(IATA:,ICAO:USH)
United States Air Force(IATA:,ICAO:AIO)
US Helicopter Corporation(IATA:UH,ICAO:)
Virgin America(IATA:VX,ICAO:VRD)
Western Airlines(IATA:WA,ICAO:WAL)
World Airways(IATA:WO,ICAO:WOA)
Carnival Air Lines(IATA:KW,ICAO:)
Epic Holiday(IATA:FA,ICAO:4AA)
Air Choice One(IATA:3E,ICAO:)
SeaPort Airlines(IATA:K5,ICAO:SQH)
Salmon Air(IATA:S6,ICAO:)
Alaska Seaplane Service(IATA:J5,ICAO:)
Gryphon Airlines(IATA:6P,ICAO:)
U.S. Air(IATA:-+,ICAO:--+)
PanAm World Airways(IATA:WQ,ICAO:PQW)
Black Stallion Airways(IATA:BZ,ICAO:BSA)
Yellowstone Club Private Shuttle(IATA:Y1,ICAO:)
Trans Pas Air(IATA:T6,ICAO:TP6)
Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters(IATA:HI,ICAO:)
Usa Sky Cargo(IATA:E1,ICAO:ES2)
Era Alaska(IATA:7H,ICAO:ERR)
Hankook Air US(IATA:H1,ICAO:HA1)
Orbit Airlines(IATA:,ICAO:OBT)